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Vintage Beauty

On the roads that we have traveled we have gone far. Maybe further than we have imagined. We have built, we have created. More than what has been told. The world is your playground so as they say. And indeed, we have played beyond our limits. But with it came a price—a price that we all pay. As the earth cries for reprieve, we have continued to deceive—ourselves. Yes, you and me.

Here to forth we conceive of a future won with vibrant colors of deep hues and luster. Where perhaps we may escape from the dangers we have made. There we will go as here we trade. We might even seek the outside grounds for comfort; we may even dig up the holes of the earth in search for answers. What if and has been and what may not be. But the earth’s call cannot be shut down even as we turn our eyes towards the stars. For as is has been and ever will be, this is the only earth we will ever have.

But somehow have you ever thought that the answer we’re looking for has always been in front of us?  If only we dare to see.  That somehow what makes it all worthwhile was something that we left behind. Especially when we found it once more. That what has been may heretofore be of import as it has always been. That the beauty we wished to restore need not pay a price. As a shell that shines in the sand need not be of poison to the waters rise. For earth, she will always have a giving hand if only we are ready where we stand and realize that not by accumulating or using or destroying shall we find the beauty of life but only by giving. And here to forth we need to embrace what has been held of value by those who throd thence; and such value may even be valuable hence.

On the roads that we have traveled may we always remember. Not only the things that we left behind but also the past that shaped us from the start. Sift them through and see the gems, to keep and cherish as you bring them to your future; which you may use to restore and recover from the pollution in your hearts.

As you take this journey to the past with Art Lozano’s works of art, he wishes for you to see the true beauty of life. Walk with him and feel as though these vintage space has taken over you even for a little moment of your time.

– JenRcab –


***These photos were mixed up, some taken by a staff of The Artist Space, Ayala Museum, some were taken by Mr. Darwin Guevarra, and a few taken by me. ***



“I am giving you a new life where people would see your beauty even if you aren’t moving anymore, even after nature has embraced you in her arms,” Art Lozano said. 
He was inspired by his old Volks Wagon Beetle named “Baby Blue” which life he recreated in his paintings. And through this he was able to make his message reach the people. Every piece is his view of how the community looks like in the now and then, wherein the cars represents power and beauty as we see it. He wants to show the value of the things that we often overlook, the beauty of the things we leave behind. In a way, he wants to change society.

At the height of your power, you forget everything. You treat the present as if it will be forever. You deny that you are bound by space, time, and matter. You raise your head up high like an eagle perched in its nest, watching everything with a sense of ownership. You somehow whisper, “the world owes me this. It is but right for me to hold them in my hands.” 

But you have forgotten something. The highest peak when you already reached it does not go higher because of your will. The rivers will continue to flow even if you try to stop it. The world will continue on its axis whether you are here or not. The beauty of a thing still remains even if you have left it behind. And there will always be a witness to your brutality, a watcher of your every footstep. You might not even notice it, but sometimes when it gets hurt, it embraces what belongs to it from the start. You are but a tenant of its belongings. You are just borrowing what you ought to know is yours. 

At the height of your power, beware. Do not lose yourself into believing that you alone can do everything. Because you might be surprised when you realize you need a mechanic, nature already ran its course.

– JenRcab –

P.S. I also posted this as a note here. 🙂

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Gallery Ergo 2.0

Just recently, Gallery Ergo and family moved to a new place. Lucky me, I get to visit it from time to time. Forgive me for my not-so-professional way of taking photos through my phone. Harhar.


work space


cozy living room


the Ergo magicalbox


that ain’t 1/4th of Ergo’s Bulol Collection, that I guarantee you


Coffee Area + Dirty Kitchen

Before, it was a laundry room. And to “not artists” this is an ordinary space for laundry. But sir Ergo and ma’am Mharge turned this space into a lovely coffee area and a dirty kitchen. The view outside is calming that makes your morning coffee perfect.


I love how that light affects the whole environment


Coffee Time











One afternoon, when the breeze was cool and the sun kissed the window panes, we sat and talked with coffee, bread, butter, and singkamas.


I love the new place. It’s way better than Gallery Ergo 1.0… there’s so much to share and so much to talk about. And, Gallery Ergo is now near Pugad ni Art! 😀 Location: Piraso Road, Kalkalan, Pinsao Pilot, Baguio City.

A day like this is worth the hike. haha. Till next time!

Gallery Ergo: For The First Time

Gallery Ergo

Gallery ErGo is an art gallery as well as the home of artist Erni Gomez and his wife Marge. It is located at #372 C- 1 Tamawan, Pinsao Proper, Baguio City.  With just a rented space, they have created a sanctuary of art. From wooden crafts to a collection of mugs. From a variety of bonsai plants to bulol. From wooden furniture to coffee mugs, from magnets on fridge to a cozy kitchen, from wooden spoons to curtains of canvas. And of course, ErGo’s artworks in different sizes, with Marge’s beautiful works combined together in a dramatic and meaningful way.


outside Gallery Ergo
Upon entering…

His life in earlier years was as dramatic as his paintings. Aside from being in the Art Industry, he experienced working in construction and helping his mom sell barbeque. Erni started young as Ben Cab’s apprentice. From gardening to preparing canvas, and becoming a fulltime studio assistant. “He taught me how to fish,” he says when he was asked about the painting of a woman carrying a basket of fish. “It reflects my life. It’s about Ben Cab teaching me how to fish, how to live life,” he says. Others were given free stuff like cars or expensive things but Erni wasn’t given any of those, according to him. And he was thankful for that. Because if he wasn’t taught how to fish, he wouldn’t be where he is right now, living a simple life with his family.

me giggling and super happy inside while browsing sir Ergo’s sketch pad



more chichats

Gallery Ergo is not like other art galleries where you can just barge in and roam around. It is for people who are interested in art and the artist itself. It is for people who truly wants to breathe and go deeper into the depths of arts. So if you’re just going to visit for the sake of photos and telling the world that you crossed another gallery from your bucket list, please do not go. What I want to say is, let us all learn how to appreciate art in its deepest forms, in its totality. If we only open our eyes to what art really is, then there would be a lot of doors opening for us, and our visits to this kind of gallery would be more meaningful than just commercial.


hand crafts for your hands


Coffee and Cinammon Bread, Kevin on Food Photography


unique and adorable collection of bowls

Every piece of painting has its own story, has its own flow of words behind it. You can notice a painting if it was made purely by what drives an artist to paint or if it’s tainted with the thought of money in mind. Some artists produce their paintings by doing three or more at the same time, to finish or meet a deadline. But some artists like Erni, focuses on one artwork before starting a new one. “Every artwork has a different style, a different emotion. And you can see the difference just by looking at it,” he says. And I looked. I saw what he meant. A painting is totally different from the other, even if they have the same theme.



Kevin The Photographer, sir Ergo The Artist, me, and ate Mharge The Wife and also Artist

And again, experience Kevin’s Photography. 😀

Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime. ~Maimonides



Pugad ni Art: At First Glance


Ceramic pot covers as a decoration outside

A Home Studio built from the ideals of Art Lozano, a Baguio Artist originating from Ilocos Sur. The construction of the Pugad is his way of representing his life from when he was growing up in the squaters, only now with an artistic twist on it.



Some of Remnant Series paintings and the Bintana ng Realidad

Bintana ng Realidad, a wide window that incorporates an overview of the city with buildings, houses, factories, airports, and a lot more, as you can see the mixed installations on the painting itself. The installations came from cans and computer parts, and wood.


Inside the Pugad, where you can see some of Art’s Remnant Series 

Remnant is one of his solo Art Exhibits at the Arte Pintura Gallery depicting worn out Volks Wagen auto mobiles where nature has embraced them.


Spaces for creativity and brainstorming

Second floor, first mini door is space can be a room for two. the second mini door leads to a space where you can view the mountains and have a peaceful time for yourself.

Random Japanese and other asian stuff
Door from the 1900’s
Joseph, The Carpenter

Joseph, The Carpenter does not want his photo taken so Kevin The Photographer took this photo secretly. I am a big fan of kuya Joseph as he can do what kuya Art really wants with a house. According to kuya Art, Joseph also built kuya Art’s house in Ilocos Sur. After, he said “come with me and let’s build something in Baguio,” and so is the birth of Pugad ni Art. Who wouldn’t want a confidante like kuya Joseph who could also cook and do other stuff.

Duterte, The Cat

A stray cat that Kuya Art found on the streets.

Pugad ni Art under construction, nearly finished
Art Lozano, talking about his piece (the one he’s touching) on society and environment
Somewhat and somehow a familiar face from afar
Nature and Technology
Art Lozano, talking about his “Bintana ng Realidad”
Let’s talk about Remnant…

I am sincerely thankful and amazed with Kevin, the Photographer who went with me on this journey as he was able to capture what I was picturing in my mind.

Pugad ni Art: At first glance. Because it is unfinished and is evolving like our environment, and is becoming more and more artistic.