Weekend Coffee Share

    If we were having coffee, you'd be surprised to be having coffee with me. Cause we're strangers and we met like less than 24 hours ago. Yep. I'm crazy for inviting some stranger for coffee. Haha. That's weird for me, even when it's virtual. But, if we were having coffee, I might have… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share


Orphan Black Addiction

And just like that, Orphan Black had its finale recently. Imagine my reaction to when a  good tv series comes to an end! And this endless dilemma stops now, because I'm finally over it, after re-watching season one to five for the second time around (I thought you were studying? hahaha! I thought so too).… Continue reading Orphan Black Addiction

The Scent of Pine Breeze long gone

By Sindclaire Crestfall Growing up in the city of pines I have observed the changes of it throughout the years. One of the most noticeable changes is the growing population, the increase of infrastructures and majority of the locals embracing the modern age ( letting go of traditional cultures ). While most locals share the… Continue reading The Scent of Pine Breeze long gone

Assassination Classroom Live Action

By SteamedFries     KoKorosensei We all get that notion about “that” teacher when we find ourselves in high school. “That” teacher, that TERROR teacher, is the one you think that will make your high school life miserable to the core. This notion of yours is suddenly challenged at the end of graduation, where that… Continue reading Assassination Classroom Live Action