13’th Invitationals of IPMS BA-Baguio

Happy Anniversary to me! From watching sir Chris Banania on the demo table for a week to wearing an I.D. and bein part of the IPMS BA- BAGUIO INVITATIONALS. First of all, I would like to congratulate each and everyone for a successful event. Without your participation and cooperation our Invites would not succeed. Without... Continue Reading →

Friends Do Fight

Honestly, I do not know how to express myself today as I badly want to talk about friends and friendship. Because to me  it is as sacred as love and as deep as emotions can go. My mind can be as complicated and my words can be out of line, because this is something I... Continue Reading →

On the roads that we have traveled we have gone far. Maybe further than we have imagined. We have built, we have created. More than what has been told. The world is your playground so as they say. And indeed, we have played beyond our limits. But with it came a price—a price that we... Continue Reading →

Just recently, Gallery Ergo and family moved to a new place. Lucky me, I get to visit it from time to time. Forgive me for my not-so-professional way of taking photos through my phone. Harhar.           Before, it was a laundry room. And to "not artists" this is an ordinary space... Continue Reading →

25 Wishes

A new cheap laptop A vintage typewriter Saber from Fate Stay Night F-16 1/48  A 26 x 38 painting by me A camera A fliptop phone Killer heels Paulo Coelho's Books 3 Travels One big Mural Project A Gown Color my hair Kids at summer school A blog for arts, hobbies, and people Dolce and... Continue Reading →

Gallery Ergo: For The First Time

Gallery ErGo is an art gallery as well as the home of artist Erni Gomez and his wife Marge. It is located at #372 C- 1 Tamawan, Pinsao Proper, Baguio City.  With just a rented space, they have created a sanctuary of art. From wooden crafts to a collection of mugs. From a variety of bonsai... Continue Reading →

Pugad ni Art: At First Glance

  A Home Studio built from the ideals of Art Lozano, a Baguio Artist originating from Ilocos Sur. The construction of the Pugad is his way of representing his life from when he was growing up in the squaters, only now with an artistic twist on it.     Bintana ng Realidad, a wide window that... Continue Reading →

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