Karuta: A Game of Hope

By Mari Ramirez Endurance. Determination. Listening. Understanding. Teamwork. Friends. These are the things I found to be the core foundation of the main team playing competitive karuta in the live action adaption of Chihayafuru. Chihayafuru was published in December 2007 by manga artist and writer Yuki Suetsugu. Apart from winning distinguished manga award like the… Continue reading Karuta: A Game of Hope

Susie & I

How does one deal with another? Who is older, supposed-to-be-wiser, and who is expected to understand more than you do? I happen to know Susie, an older woman than me. I do not know where or how shall I begin about her life but I know that she wants to escalate from where she is…… Continue reading Susie & I

13’th Invitationals of IPMS BA-Baguio

Happy Anniversary to me! From watching sir Chris Banania on the demo table for a week to wearing an I.D. and bein part of the IPMS BA- BAGUIO INVITATIONALS. First of all, I would like to congratulate each and everyone for a successful event. Without your participation and cooperation our Invites would not succeed. Without…… Continue reading 13’th Invitationals of IPMS BA-Baguio