Focusing on September

It’s September but I seem to be the only one who feels the winds of December. It’s 90 days till Christmas and I’m the only one who seems to be too excited for all things about it.

I asked the team to write about #DecemberFeels and they’re weirded out like I was talking about a season far from now. In my point of view, it’s “-ber” months and you should start the “-ber” feels but no one feels it in reality. But why do I feel it? But how exactly do I feel?


artist: scarlet-dragonchild


The winds have changed. The days are different too. The sun is up that the skies are cloudless at times but the winds are cold. You walk down the famous Session Road and you smile out of nowhere just because you feel the difference and because December is near. If you grew up from Baguio, you’d know what I mean. At times you’ll stop on your daily walk, in the center f the city, you close your eyes and held your chin up high, your face to the sun, just to feel the wind. A moment of bliss, a moment to cherish and the perfect time to smile and share your inner joy to strangers you come across. It feels like a catwalk every time you go down the road, with slow motion pace and the upbeat music behind your ears. You smile at people, some gives it back with a knowing smile, that is how you know you’re not alone; and some will snob you for smiling because they just see you as a tease or as a threat to them. But you keep smiling nevertheless. Because you’re so happy you cannot contain it that you need to share it to avoid it from spilling and wasted inside you.

That’s how September feels like, right now, if one would just focus. If one would just try to feel it deeply.

via The Daily Post.

P.S. I got a lot of things to share today, which includes stuff that am reading and ingesting into me right now:

choosing to be on your own (choosing loneliness over people)

I think I need a gravity blanket right now. 😀

a focused feline is a danger to her every prey.

red balloon…can’t help it, am thinking IT!

don’t let go of me, river’s icy grip!

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