Scamper: Sidetracked subconscious

And there she goes. Scampering towards the exhibit. We finally reached our destination. From passengers on a bus to guests at an event. Thought I couldn’t really consider ourselves as guests as I didn’t know anyone there. Despite that fact she went off running towards the numerous displays of artwork and sculptures. Talking to each and every person she bumps into and making new acquaintances.
She acted like a curious child being exposed to all things wonderful for the first time. Like a moth moving towards a candle fire that doesn’t burn. She was at the peak of her excitement that it seemed like she forgot that she came to the event with a companion. Not that I don’t mind. I did come along to see what it was all about. An art exhibit.
I too was curious at the various paintings, one of which caught my eye. It was a depiction of an old abandoned church. A shell of its former beauty, abandoned for what seemed like ages as dirt and vegetation grew around it, along with some parts of it being reduced to rubble for some reason. All this sparked something inside of me. Like something has rekindled. Could it be that what I could be feeling right now is some sort of an inspiration to try out something? Maybe take up art too?
While I was pondering on these thoughts I realized that I had lost sight of her. I didn’t see where she went. For the next 30 minutes, I looked around asking if they saw a girl that I was with. Giving an accurate description, all of them said they didn’t see anyone of that image. Finally, I went back to the entrance where the security guard and the receptionist were. The security guard recognized me as he was the one greeted me on the way in. I asked the same question that I did to everyone and he gave me an answer that caught me off guard.
“But sir, I didn’t see you with anyone when you came in. I even saw you talking to yourself on your way in so I had to greet you to check if you’re okay. Are you sure you didn’t bump your head or something?”
The only thing I did was looked at him with shock and disbelief. At that moment nothing made any sense. Why I was there and what he said made any sense or not. What am I doing here? Who was that girl I was with? What is going on?
I suddenly felt a force that impacted my forehead and everything went blank. The next thing I heard were footsteps as if moving away from where I am. And then I heard someone giggling. I turned to my left and saw her about to burst in laughter.
“I’m sorry. I saw you about to bump your head but I didn’t do anything to stop it. It was too funny.”
It was that girl I was with. Sitting beside me on a bus. It looked like we haven’t reached our destination yet. I held my red forehead and shook my head and replied:
“Sorry, I guess I was dreaming again”

What ya say?

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