Passenger: Doodles and Destinations

“Oh great, so where am I now?”. My mind filled with even more negative thoughts as I sat on my seat for hours now. Not so long ago I was dragged into coming to a “fun field trip”  with a woman I barely even knew. I reckon meeting her at a coffee shop a few hours ago. What sparked my curiosity is that as I stared at her across the other tables she looked vaguely familiar. She was all alone. I approached and struck a conversation with her asking what she was doing even though I could obviously see it. She was doodling, sketching, drawing, whatever you call it. She smiled and offered me a seat.
For the next 10 minutes no one talked. As awkward as it looked it wasn’t. She continued drawing with her Staedler FB pencil and I watched her, trying to make out what she was creating. Repeated strokes until it formed a shape. It was a woman taking a bus ride to somewhere far away, Her head looking the other way, as if waiting for someone.
For some unknown reason I asked her, “Did you wanted to go somewhere?” She said yes. She wanted to go to an art event. It was a themed event and artists from all over places gathered and showcase their works. As much as she wanted to go she was afraid to because she was alone.
And then it happened. My so-called “damsel-in-distress” signal went off. And without thinking I told her, “Let me take you there”. Her eyes grew big and looked at me in astonishment. She nodded with a big smile and before I knew it, we took a bus to get to that event. What was I thinking? Why did I let this kind of thing get to me again? The farther the trip went the more I asked myself about these things. I could’ve just left her here and go back. What benefit do I gain from taking her there?
As I was quarreling with myself something gently pressed on my left shoulder and snapped me back to reality. It was her leaning on to me. It looked like she fell asleep.
I smirked and put on my headphones and listened to rock music on my phone. I had to stay awake. 2 sleeping passengers traveling to an uncharted destination would be a worse case scenario. Well for me at least.

What ya say?

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