The Secret to Small Talk




There are times when I wish I wasn’t there within the crowd, afraid that someone will talk to me or approach me. I always lack the right words to say and I always take time to think about what to say that I often stammer. Although I have gained confidence last year, to speak up and talk to strangers, I cannot avoid that feeling of fear when a suspicious stranger comes near.

But then…

I have come across this article where you would wish you had Williams Syndrome if you were bad at small talks like me.

“I have to remind myself to stay an arm’s length away from people,” she said. “Otherwise I get too close.” –  Now, I would have said that too, even if I don’t have Williams. But those words are taken from the article.

And it said at the end:

 It’s not that they’re not awkward, it’s that they’re not afraid of being awkward. They don’t have the fear of looking foolish that holds many of us back. We’re so terrified of that one-in-100 chance of embarrassment or rejection that we avoid the 99 interactions that are more likely to be fulfilling.

I hope introverted individuals would find inspiration in this.




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