Wavering Sentiments

I do not know what stayed my hand. It was there, right in front of me. The moment I had been anticipating. It was for me to step in and intervene. To stop this madness from ever happening. But then a realization came looming out from the back of my conscience. What right do I have to step in? What manner of authority do I have to meddle in their affairs?

As noble as my intentions were and regardless of my sentiments, in the eyes of society I will be seen as someone putting my nose into other people’s business. I simply wanted to cut off a mistake a close friend is about to make. As I have seen this mistake done in the past.

Ironically, if I am to just stand idly by and do nothing I will be regarded as a person who did nothing to stop a friend moving towards the brink of despair. He wanted her back in his life despite going through a case of infidelity, twice even. Funny how a relationship, no a woman can jeopardize a man’s life in more ways than one.

Am I to do something about this? Will I become the inhibitor to snap him back to the reality he must face, a meddler to their affair. Or will I turn a blind eye and let him handle this on his own, putting my trust in him to handle his own welfare?

Regardless, I have made it a point that this will be the last time I will do this should I decide to pursue. One thing is for sure. I’ve had enough of this. I have not benefit from trying to save people from doing the wrong thing.

My own undoing.
The Daily Post


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