Going Where The Wind Blows

geo photography

Photo by : Geo

“Are you just a blade of grass, to be blown by the wind?”

A quote from a character in a game I played a long time ago. It was a scene where a man of considerable reputation and solitude consoling a comrade who is at a loss with his life decisions. As a teen, I could not fathom the meaning of what he said or what the scenario meant.

A man of pessimistic stature like myself will mostly focus on disappointments and heartaches as a subject to ponder on throughout the years of living. Wondering what went wrong and what things could have been done to change it, like removing excrement under a boot.

Pondering on negativity this much has varying effects on each individual. Some fall down, some get up, some won’t, some can’t.Some endure the pain from it and stitch it up, while some turn to submission and acknowledge the pain. Like salt on an open wound.

But how does this relate to the quote? From how I understand it now all those years growing up, Pessimism and negativity can helplessly drag you off your feet and even push you to the brink of despair and insanity. Family and friends and even the person that you love will be there to stop that from happening. The people that you care for will not stand idly by and see you crumble and falter. But of course, it is still your life to live. Your decision to make. And so we go back,

“Are you just a blade of grass, to be blown by the wind?”

Will you be a blade of grass then waiting to be swept away into nothingness? Or will you be a seed to be blown away to the soils of hope and plant a new beginning?

Some things don’t have to be an ending. But it can be a prelude to better things in life.

What ya say?

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