Susie & I

How does one deal with another? Who is older, supposed-to-be-wiser, and who is expected to understand more than you do?

I happen to know Susie, an older woman than me. I do not know where or how shall I begin about her life but I know that she wants to escalate from where she is right now. She has children, all grown up with families of their own. She claims she raised them well, but they show otherwise in many ways. And now she’s given a chance for survival–more than survival–a ladder to success and wealth. And this is a point-of-view of a woman who’s been trying to help her ever since. I hope that you read through this and I hope that you’ll help me understand them both.


She does what she think is right; she manages to go around with what she believes is the right path. The problem is she is doing it all wrong. I am and I want to help her through the ways I can. But how does one help someone who does not want your help at all? I mean, I think that I have been generous to her. I have extended my arms and legs for her. But she’s the one who’s always destroying our connection and she does not even show any effort to help herself or at least she’s trying so hard but she cannot move forward. She does not understand anything that I say. She does not accept anything that I say. Because I am the one who is telling her. It seems that I appear to be harmful to her. Every time I want to help her, she shuts me down. She keeps doing things on her own even if it’s wrong. She makes unnecessary moves that makes things go bad while I am on the process of making something good for her. 

I  honestly want to reach out to her but I am starting to doubt myself. I do not know if I’m right that she’s wrong or that if I have some flaws or mistakes or did I oversee all this in a wrong way? 

And from what I can see…

Susie wants to believe that she is right. She wants to believe and she’s trying her best to believe that what she is doing is great and that she’s always right, no one else is. But when she starts to see that she is somehow wrong, she reacts negatively and looks for something or someone to blame. Apparently, she has always been blaming the woman who’s got nothing to do but help her even if she’s being thrown away for the nth time now.

I would like to ask for your help on this one. Because when I was told about this, I felt like I am carrying a big, heavy rock on my shoulder that I seem to be lost and cannot seem to understand them bot. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Who should I scold and how should I deal with this?

What ya say?

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