13’th Invitationals of IPMS BA-Baguio

Happy Anniversary to me! From watching sir Chris Banania on the demo table for a week to wearing an I.D. and bein part of the IPMS BA- BAGUIO INVITATIONALS.

First of all, I would like to congratulate each and everyone for a successful event. Without your participation and cooperation our Invites would not succeed. Without your hardwork and sacrifices we won’t see the happy smiles of our fellows after the event.

As for me…I am super happy!!! I survived a year! Let this post be my moment of sharing my thoughts without your judgements. 🙂

Being part of an organization such as IPMS BA-Baguio is an achievement in its own. Entering it means you’re in it for the whole package. That whatever it is inside, you’ll have to accept every little thing. That whatever happens, you’re there to struggle or jump with joy. You can complain, once in a while, and yes you can even fight over such plastic. But I hope you knew that the moment you joined the family, it is yours to take responsibility for.


Mini friendships built within a large group of men. Normal. And inevitable. You cannot be close to everybody and claim them all to be your friends. Pick some dudes to guide you along the way, see if they can be your so called friends or if they are just your “acquaintances”. As for me I chose the long road of getting to know each one of them and got a bit close. I can say they are all my acquaintances, and I can count a few could-be friends. How do you know if I consider you a friend? If I bully you and vice versa. That is how sweet and simple it is.


I heard some complaints about not being appreciated or recognized for one’s hard work. I feel you and if I was normal I could have complained too. But in my eyes I look at it differently. A simple smile at the end of the day, a simple pat on my shoulder and a laugh and a “good job” from anyone higher and older than I was enough for me to know that he or they, see everyone’s hard work. I don’t need to be publicly recognized. I don’t need to be given some token of gratitude or anything. I prefer to be the one behind the curtains, drinking my mule, and applauding everyone for success. I am not saying that the ones who complained are wrong. Who would not get mad if only one person gets all the glory for himself while we put our asses in a hot pot just to make the event a success, right? But as I was saying, am just stating my messy thoughts.

Work | Life | Friendship Balance

“You’re treating us like employees, not as friends. We’re friends and this is voluntary work that you should not be ordering us instead you should be asking favors.” Um, can I say something? Yes, we are friends. Yes, this is voluntary work. No salaries included. But then, there is time for everything. Shouldn’t we separate work from friendship? I mean, this may be voluntary, but it’s still work, right? And you yourself volunteered. If they treated us as employees, it only means the stuff we’re doing here is serious and needs serious minds. If they treated us as friends and they kept asking favors and not demanding or ordering us around, what do you think will happen with us and the event? Yes, some may have flaws in not cooperating or having some publicity issues, but we’re here on our own will, we wanted to be here and be part of it. So the next time you think you’re being treated as an employee, think again. 🙂

Compassion | Consideration | Orientation

I believe that everyone has flaws. We’re just human beings and everyone makes mistakes. I think that what lacks here is compassion and consideration from our leader. He may not be that expressive but I know that he is thinking about each one of us. I salute him even if he’s bossy most of the times. I think that maybe next time, we should have an orientation  before our major activities. Like, what to expect and what not to expect from our activities, and the limitations/boundaries of our roles.

If you are in a way offended by what I say, I apologize. I have no intentions of hurting you in any way. I am merely sharing my thoughts. But yet again, think about this. Why did the elders gave such responsibilities to us millennials? Why did they let someone so young lead us into this path? I think…whatever their reasons may be, we are here with a purpose. We are here to learn from each other. We are here to grow and make the impossible, possible for everyone. We could fight for all they care, but time will pass and I hope that we will all gather round the table and laugh out our petty thoughts aside. Cheers to our future activities! Cheers to a stronger bond of friendships! Cheers to survival! 😀


What ya say?

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