“I am giving you a new life where people would see your beauty even if you aren’t moving anymore, even after nature has embraced you in her arms,” Art Lozano said. 
He was inspired by his old Volks Wagon Beetle named “Baby Blue” which life he recreated in his paintings. And through this he was able to make his message reach the people. Every piece is his view of how the community looks like in the now and then, wherein the cars represents power and beauty as we see it. He wants to show the value of the things that we often overlook, the beauty of the things we leave behind. In a way, he wants to change society.

At the height of your power, you forget everything. You treat the present as if it will be forever. You deny that you are bound by space, time, and matter. You raise your head up high like an eagle perched in its nest, watching everything with a sense of ownership. You somehow whisper, “the world owes me this. It is but right for me to hold them in my hands.” 

But you have forgotten something. The highest peak when you already reached it does not go higher because of your will. The rivers will continue to flow even if you try to stop it. The world will continue on its axis whether you are here or not. The beauty of a thing still remains even if you have left it behind. And there will always be a witness to your brutality, a watcher of your every footstep. You might not even notice it, but sometimes when it gets hurt, it embraces what belongs to it from the start. You are but a tenant of its belongings. You are just borrowing what you ought to know is yours. 

At the height of your power, beware. Do not lose yourself into believing that you alone can do everything. Because you might be surprised when you realize you need a mechanic, nature already ran its course.

– JenRcab –

P.S. I also posted this as a note here. 🙂

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