Gallery Ergo 2.0

Just recently, Gallery Ergo and family moved to a new place. Lucky me, I get to visit it from time to time. Forgive me for my not-so-professional way of taking photos through my phone. Harhar.


work space


cozy living room


the Ergo magicalbox


that ain’t 1/4th of Ergo’s Bulol Collection, that I guarantee you


Coffee Area + Dirty Kitchen

Before, it was a laundry room. And to “not artists” this is an ordinary space for laundry. But sir Ergo and ma’am Mharge turned this space into a lovely coffee area and a dirty kitchen. The view outside is calming that makes your morning coffee perfect.


I love how that light affects the whole environment


Coffee Time











One afternoon, when the breeze was cool and the sun kissed the window panes, we sat and talked with coffee, bread, butter, and singkamas.


I love the new place. It’s way better than Gallery Ergo 1.0… there’s so much to share and so much to talk about. And, Gallery Ergo is now near Pugad ni Art! 😀 Location: Piraso Road, Kalkalan, Pinsao Pilot, Baguio City.

A day like this is worth the hike. haha. Till next time!

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