25 Wishes


  1. A new cheap laptop
  2. A vintage typewriter
  3. Saber from Fate Stay Night
  4. F-16 1/48 
  5. A 26 x 38 painting by me
  6. A camera
  7. A fliptop phone
  8. Killer heels
  9. Paulo Coelho’s Books
  10. 3 Travels
  11. One big Mural Project
  12. A Gown
  13. Color my hair
  14. Kids at summer school
  15. A blog for arts, hobbies, and people
  16. Dolce and Gabana perfume
  17. Dad’s visit
  18. One movie inthe theatres
  19. C.S. Lewis books
  20. Artists get-together
  21. A day at the beach
  22. A sophisticated wallet
  23. Kimchi Cake
  24. Gift Certificate for Unlimited Fish cakes!
  25. A notebook
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