Pugad ni Art: At First Glance


Ceramic pot covers as a decoration outside

A Home Studio built from the ideals of Art Lozano, a Baguio Artist originating from Ilocos Sur. The construction of the Pugad is his way of representing his life from when he was growing up in the squaters, only now with an artistic twist on it.



Some of Remnant Series paintings and the Bintana ng Realidad

Bintana ng Realidad, a wide window that incorporates an overview of the city with buildings, houses, factories, airports, and a lot more, as you can see the mixed installations on the painting itself. The installations came from cans and computer parts, and wood.


Inside the Pugad, where you can see some of Art’s Remnant Series 

Remnant is one of his solo Art Exhibits at the Arte Pintura Gallery depicting worn out Volks Wagen auto mobiles where nature has embraced them.


Spaces for creativity and brainstorming

Second floor, first mini door is space can be a room for two. the second mini door leads to a space where you can view the mountains and have a peaceful time for yourself.

Random Japanese and other asian stuff
Door from the 1900’s
Joseph, The Carpenter

Joseph, The Carpenter does not want his photo taken so Kevin The Photographer took this photo secretly. I am a big fan of kuya Joseph as he can do what kuya Art really wants with a house. According to kuya Art, Joseph also built kuya Art’s house in Ilocos Sur. After, he said “come with me and let’s build something in Baguio,” and so is the birth of Pugad ni Art. Who wouldn’t want a confidante like kuya Joseph who could also cook and do other stuff.

Duterte, The Cat

A stray cat that Kuya Art found on the streets.

Pugad ni Art under construction, nearly finished
Art Lozano, talking about his piece (the one he’s touching) on society and environment
Somewhat and somehow a familiar face from afar
Nature and Technology
Art Lozano, talking about his “Bintana ng Realidad”
Let’s talk about Remnant…

I am sincerely thankful and amazed with Kevin, the Photographer who went with me on this journey as he was able to capture what I was picturing in my mind.

Pugad ni Art: At first glance. Because it is unfinished and is evolving like our environment, and is becoming more and more artistic.


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