Gallery Ergo: For The First Time

Gallery Ergo

Gallery ErGo is an art gallery as well as the home of artist Erni Gomez and his wife Marge. It is located at #372 C- 1 Tamawan, Pinsao Proper, Baguio City.  With just a rented space, they have created a sanctuary of art. From wooden crafts to a collection of mugs. From a variety of bonsai plants to bulol. From wooden furniture to coffee mugs, from magnets on fridge to a cozy kitchen, from wooden spoons to curtains of canvas. And of course, ErGo’s artworks in different sizes, with Marge’s beautiful works combined together in a dramatic and meaningful way.


outside Gallery Ergo
Upon entering…

His life in earlier years was as dramatic as his paintings. Aside from being in the Art Industry, he experienced working in construction and helping his mom sell barbeque. Erni started young as Ben Cab’s apprentice. From gardening to preparing canvas, and becoming a fulltime studio assistant. “He taught me how to fish,” he says when he was asked about the painting of a woman carrying a basket of fish. “It reflects my life. It’s about Ben Cab teaching me how to fish, how to live life,” he says. Others were given free stuff like cars or expensive things but Erni wasn’t given any of those, according to him. And he was thankful for that. Because if he wasn’t taught how to fish, he wouldn’t be where he is right now, living a simple life with his family.

me giggling and super happy inside while browsing sir Ergo’s sketch pad



more chichats

Gallery Ergo is not like other art galleries where you can just barge in and roam around. It is for people who are interested in art and the artist itself. It is for people who truly wants to breathe and go deeper into the depths of arts. So if you’re just going to visit for the sake of photos and telling the world that you crossed another gallery from your bucket list, please do not go. What I want to say is, let us all learn how to appreciate art in its deepest forms, in its totality. If we only open our eyes to what art really is, then there would be a lot of doors opening for us, and our visits to this kind of gallery would be more meaningful than just commercial.


hand crafts for your hands


Coffee and Cinammon Bread, Kevin on Food Photography


unique and adorable collection of bowls

Every piece of painting has its own story, has its own flow of words behind it. You can notice a painting if it was made purely by what drives an artist to paint or if it’s tainted with the thought of money in mind. Some artists produce their paintings by doing three or more at the same time, to finish or meet a deadline. But some artists like Erni, focuses on one artwork before starting a new one. “Every artwork has a different style, a different emotion. And you can see the difference just by looking at it,” he says. And I looked. I saw what he meant. A painting is totally different from the other, even if they have the same theme.



Kevin The Photographer, sir Ergo The Artist, me, and ate Mharge The Wife and also Artist

And again, experience Kevin’s Photography. 😀

Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime. ~Maimonides



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